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This is a free online Solitaire game that lets you play against the computer.  The following are the instructions for solitaire that can be found in the game:

1. Buy Turnover : After losing this game 273 straight times one of our
fan threatened to stop playing this game. Now we can not have that. So
to help out people who do not mind little bit of cheating, we allow you
to continue the game (after you have lost to it) by paying a small penalty.
The penalty is 25 points in three card at a time and 75 points in single
card at a time version. (PLEASE do not ask us to explain this single/three
card at a time business).

2. Lazy Bones: Human beings have two kind of bones. One kind is made from
Calcium and other unpronouncable materials. The other kind is made from
sheer laziness and its assorted compounds. To help these people we will
automatically open any close card and save these souls from executing
painful mouse clicks just for opening a card.

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