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Hockey Fights

Classic Hockey Fight Video Collection

This is a video collection of some of the most brutal hockey fights ever.  As one fan who attended an NHL game said - "I thought I was going to a boxing match but a hockey game broke out".

Take a look at this collection of Hockey Fights:

  1. Lamest Hockey Fight Ever
  2. Peace and Love in the NHL?
  3. Bob Probert vs. Tie Domi - The Rematch
  4. Hockey Player vs. Treadmill
  5. Best Hockey Fight Ever
  6. Strange Hockey Fight
  7. One Punch Fight
  8. Compilation of Hockey Fights \
  9. Bonvie vs. Vandenbush \
  10. Hockey Brawl
  11. Domi vs. Langdon
  12. Senators vs. Flyers
  13. Hockey Fights Blog