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Line Rider is a Flash game that is more like a physics internet 'toy'.

In Line Rider the player draws lines along which the character (Bosh) rides on a sled. The game (still in beta) is often referred to as a 'toy' by its creator because it has no objective.

The video below is known as 'Jagged Peak Adventure' and
is an example of what you can do with Line Rider:

Instructions for Line Rider:

  • With the pencil, draw a line from the top left to the bottom right
  • After you finish drawing the line, position the red dot where you want the rider to start and then press the play button
  • When you feel  the rider has finished, press the stop button to bring you back to the track editor
  • Use can use the 'hand' icon to move the track over so you can make the lines longer
  • Press 'H' while on the track for addition help

There are 3 different types of lines:

  • Blue Lines cause no alteration of physics.
  • Red Lines (acceleration lines) allow greater speeds to be reached, allowing uphill sledding.
  • Green Lines (scenery lines) do not affect the rider at all.

Check out these other amazing Line Rider tracks:

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Line Rider Game


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